The Integrated Food Security Project is progressing well as one of the key pillars of the Ewaso Ng’iro North Integrated Water, Drought & Food Security Development Project that the authority is implementing.

The main objective of this ongoing component is improving food and nutrition security in the basin through developing irrigation and promoting the adoption of modern dryland farming and livestock production technologies.

Some of the key outputs that the Food Security component is working towards include

  • Developing 50 km of irrigation infrastructure
  • Putting 2,000 hectares of land under irrigated farming
  • Establishing small-scale agricultural farms around the water projects
  • Providing 260 livestock watering points
  • Establishing 1000 acres of fodder production
  • Establishing 10 fruit tree nurseries
  • Planting 500,000 fruit trees

To achieve this, ENNDA is carrying out activities such as identifying and recruiting small-scale farmers, constructing irrigation infrastructure, promoting modern farming technologies like high value and drought tolerant crops, and procuring and providing tools, equipment and inputs to farmers.

As the implementation is progressing successfully, this component is contributing to improving agricultural productivity and incomes for basin residents. It is complementing the ongoing water infrastructure development under the project, enabling the productive use of water for farming.