Josiah Willie Mulwa, HSC


Josiah Willie Mulwa, HSC, stands as a paragon of dedication and expertise in the realm of infrastructure and natural resources development. As the esteemed Director at the Ewaso Ngiro North River Basin Development Authority (ENNDA), he brings to the table more than three decades of unparalleled experience.

With a robust academic foundation, Mr. Mulwa holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering, with a specialization that perfectly aligns with his career – Soil and Water Engineering. His tenure at ENNDA is marked by a journey of continuous growth and skill acquisition, particularly in the critical areas of river basin management, planning, and coordination.

His commitment to the field is not just a profession but a testament to his passion for sustainable development and environmental stewardship. Mr. Mulwa’s contributions have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of river basin management, ensuring that natural resources are harnessed and preserved for future generations.

Josiah Willie Mulwa, HSC, embodies the quintessence of a visionary leader and a consummate professional in the engineering sector. His extensive qualifications and active participation in esteemed engineering societies, including Institution of Engineers of Kenya, the Engineers Board of Kenya, and the Kenya Society of Environmental, Biological and Agricultural Engineers, along with his active membership in the Association of Irrigation Acceleration Platform, position him as a key influencer in shaping the future of Kenya’s agricultural engineering landscape and development of environmental resources.

Josiah Willie Mulwa’s legacy is not merely etched in the annals of ENNDA but also in the thriving ecosystems and communities that benefit from his strategic vision and meticulous planning. His role at ENNDA has been pivotal in spearheading initiatives that have significantly contributed to the sustainable management of natural resources. With over 30 years of service, he has designed, supervised, and implemented over 200 projects of varying complexities in the water & environmental sectors. These include dams, water pans, boreholes, underground water storage tanks, water supply schemes, and spring protection initiatives. Additionally, he spearheaded the establishment of the Gums and Resins Factory, a unique endeavor that stands as a testament to his vision and practical contributions to Kenya’s sustainable development. Moreover, he has been a beacon and a guiding compass to hundreds of young engineers and environmental professionals whom he has trained and mentored under his wings over his years of service to become consummate professionals in their chosen fields. Truly, Mr. Mulwa’s legacy is etched not only in words but in tangible achievements that benefit communities and the environment alike.

Mr. Mulwa’s unwavering pursuit of excellence and his strategic approach to resource management make him a true asset to his field and an inspiration to his peers and the community at large. His legacy is one of innovation, mentorship, stewardship, and relentless pursuit of progress for the betterment of society and the environment.