Eng. Ali Ibrahim Hassan, PhD

Managing Director/CEO

Date of birth:1965


Senior-Level Executive – Corporate Strategy, Development & Implementation.

Holder of Degrees of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Project Management, Master of Science in Project Management  (MSc),  Masters  in  Business  Administration  (MBA)  and  Bachelor  of Science in Civil Engineering (BSc).

Work Experience:

32 years’ experience (1989-2020) in Construction Projects Management, Financial Management and Human Resources Management and Administration in the public sector.

1st October, 2019 to date:

Ewaso Ng’iro North River Basin Development Authority

Position: Managing Director

3rd April, 2017 to 29th March, 2018:

National Water Conservation & Pipeline Corporation

Position: Acting Managing Director

4thJanuary, 2016 to 3rdSeptember, 2019:

National Water Conservation & Pipeline Corporation

Position: General Manager, Construction & Electro – Mechanical Department

18thFebruary, 2009 to 31stDecember, 2015:

Kenya Rural Roads Authority

Position: Manager/ Regional Manager:

2nd April, 1998 to 17thFebruary 2009:

Ministry of Roads and Public Works

Position: District works officer/District Roads Engineer:

19th December, 1989 to 1stApril, 1998:

Ministry of Agriculture

Position: Soil and Water Conservation Officer