Every year, a group of dedicated individuals and organizations come together to organize the Ewaso Ng’iro Camel Caravan – a 5-day trek along the Ewaso Ng’iro North River ecosystem in northern Kenya.

The aim of the Camel Caravan is to raise awareness about the importance of conserving the Ewaso Ng’iro River and promoting peaceful coexistence between the communities that depend on it. The river has seen declining water levels in recent years due to climate change, unregulated usage, and other factors – severely impacting pastoralist groups downstream.

During the trek, participants including community members, conservationists, policymakers and other stakeholders walk alongside a caravan of camels over 100kms of rugged terrain. They interact with local communities along the way to gain first-hand experience of their struggles and promote dialogue and collaboration in managing this vital shared resource.

Key objectives of the annual event are:

  • Creating awareness on the importance of conserving water catchment areas and wetlands
  • Providing a platform for communities to embrace cultural diversity 
  • Bringing together stakeholders like government agencies to address pressing water challenges
  • Identifying strategies for mitigating resource-based conflicts between groups

The Camel Caravan plays an important role in keeping the plight of the Ewaso Ng’iro basin communities and ecosystems in the spotlight. It leads to outcomes like improved water management policies, protection of catchment areas, commitment from donors and government, and most importantly – securing the livelihoods of indigenous pastoral groups that have depended on the river for centuries.