Eng. Ali Ibrahim Hassan, PhD

He is a Senior-Level Executive - Corporate Strategy, Development & Implementation. He is a Holder of Degrees of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Project Management, Master of Science in Project Management  (MSc),  Masters  in  Business  Administration  (MBA)  and  Bachelor  of Science in Civil

Mohammed Doyo

Mohammed Doyo Abdullahi is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in strategic planning, brand management, public policy analysis, project management, enterprise and investment management, and relationship building. He currently serves as the Director of Planning, Business

Mr. Mohamed Issack Hassan

Mr. Mohamed Issack Hassan is a seasoned professional with a robust academic background and extensive expertise in corporate services. Holding a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Project Management from Kenyatta University and currently pursuing a Master of Science (MSc) in Procurement and

Josiah Willie Mulwa, HSC

Josiah Willie Mulwa, HSC, stands as a paragon of dedication and expertise in the realm of infrastructure and natural resources development. As the esteemed Director at the Ewaso Ngiro North River Basin Development Authority (ENNDA), he brings to the table more than three decades of unparalleled