Our Consulting Services

With over 30 years of on-ground expertise spearheading multi-sectoral development initiatives across Northern and Central Kenya, Ewaso Ng’iro North Development Authority (ENNDA) has garnered vast technical know-how that can be leveraged by external entities seeking to foster progress across Africa’s arid and semi-arid geographies.

Having coordinated efforts across a 210,000 km2 river basin spanning 10 counties with unique ecological and demographic dynamics, ENNDA has hands-on understanding of the challenges, opportunities and approaches needed to promote growth in water-scarce marginal areas which form substantial swathes of the African landscape.

Through its statutory mandate and operational history, ENNDA offers advisory services to help external organizations:

  • Develop integrated regional development masterplans aligned with needs of communities residing in moisture-stressed marginal geographies
  • Formulate participatory mechanisms for effective project coordination across sectors like water, agriculture, infrastructure, wildlife conservation and manufacturing

With technical teams well-versed in undertaking feasibility studies, community mobilization and designing solutions tailored to local contexts, ENNDA can provide consultancy services to actualize sustainable water utilization solutions like:

  • Dams, hydrological modeling, irrigation canals and water distribution systems
  • Boreholes, pumps and community-based water resource management models
  • Rainwater harvesting structures, sub-surface dams and groundwater recharge interventions

Leveraging decades of experience promoting climate-smart agriculture across smallholder farms, ENNDA offers expert guidance in:

  • Structuring climate-resilient initiatives across crop, livestock and aquaculture value chains – from production, processing to market linkages
  • Developing alternative livelihood programs to reduce overdependence on natural resources while boosting incomes
  • Customizing agricultural solutions for moisture-stressed environments encompassing water efficiency, heat tolerant varieties, precision farming etc.

Having spearheaded catchment conservation efforts along the Ewaso Ng’iro North River, ENNDA can formulate tailored ecological rehabilitation initiatives covering:

  • Forestry solutions including indigenous afforestation, agroforestry and sustainable harvesting
  • Wildlife conservation breeding programs and grassland ecosystem management
  • Wetlands and watershed restoration initiatives
  • Community awareness drives on conservation

With regional offices, cross-departmental coordination experience and astute financial management systems, ENNDA can be an invaluable knowledge and operational partner for development agencies aiming to create productive synergies across sectors to fast-track realization of economic and social outcomes in remote rural settings.

To explore how ENNDA can assist in unlocking the potential of marginal areas through integrated development consultancy, get in touch with us today!